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Author: John Riley

Name: The Master Drummer

Rating: *****

Target Audience: This DVD is a great asset to novices, seasoned players and educators.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing Co.


John Riley’s new DVD release The Master Drummer is an in-depth look at characteristic of great drumming. John brings over forty years of teaching and performing experience with Jazz notables including: Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, Milt Jackson and John Scofield, into a unique discussion of four aspects that drummers need to possess for success: technique, groove, creativity and musicianship. The video includes the basics of hand and foot technique. Its main features are the many phrasing exercises and fill ideas for the beginning students as well as the more advanced learner from some of the greatest drummer including Roy Haynes, Philly Jo Jones and Max Roach. These are also included on a PDF file, which can be printed for easy accessibility. The video includes many ideas about practicing, talent, and an analysis of recordings where he discusses how technique and coordination are used to serve the musical needs of the ensemble. . As such this is a great asset for rock, funk, jazz and Latin drummers alike and offers a superb addition to his groundbreaking books The Art of Bop Drumming and Beyond Bop Drumming.
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