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Default Re: Most ENJOYABLE concert experince

No surprise...

All 23 Rush concerts since 1982(Signals), all the way up to 2008(Snakes & Arrows).

Danzig, who my best friend John Christ was the guitarist/bassist on the albums/vocalist for from 1987 - 1995. Saw him six times w/Danzig live, and was absolutely stunned how incredible he had become since he left home for his stint with Danzig.

All the 14 Ted Nugent shows I saw from 1980 - 2007. The man is just a phenom in concert. Talk about a fun show. Whewww... The Motor City Madman/The Mighty Nuge/Uncle Ted. Whatever you call him...he's incredible!

Alter Bridge @ The Rams Head LIVE in Baltimore on November 27, 2007. Miles Kennedy, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and of course, the amazing Scott Phillips on skins! Just a fantastic performance by an amazing group of talented musicians. need to see this band live. ABSOLUTELY awesome!! ;-)
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