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Through my personal concept of plausible deniability combined with my ultimately perfect concept of the 50/50 law of equal chance here's my feeling on things:

Nothing is truth because nothing can be proven, my inability to prove anything comes from the conceptualization of life as a sham. Everything can be lied about and everything is (in general) just a system of signals being interpreted by my brain. Considering the infinite odds against intelligent life none of this can or should be happening. Fortunately the infinite odds can be reduced to 50/50 (things either happen or they don't) 100% of the time thus making life not only possible, but by standards nearly more probable than not. So there you have it, truth exists only as thought because in reality there is no reality because of a 50% chance that nothing has or will ever happen.


Truth is actually a sham, it's an accepted ultimatum passed down by the populace. Just because one discovers something that is in all actuality true it doesn't mean anyone will believe him/her. In fact many findings are regarded as untrue until one amasses the largest number of people, guns, and money to back up his or her philosophy.
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