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Default Fleetwood Mac show Review

I saw Fleetwood Mac on 4/15 in Philadelphia. This was a very impressive show. They sounded extremly tight. The production was simple.. nothing very big but that was ok. The music did the talking. They didn't need mass production. They played just over 2 1/2 hours. There was no down time.. just a solid show from start to finish.

Mick's drumming was also tight. He played a 6 piece DW with gold hardware and Zildjian cymbals (including a gong) It appeared that he was using a Remo coated CS on his snares and coated heads on his toms (Ambassadors or Emperors) guessing from the low focused sound, I'd say Emperors. It looked like he had a coated PS on the kick. Now, there was a guy off to his left behind the guitar amps playing something (drum related) I could only see his hands and sticks moving but I didn't hear any percussion to speak of so.... I don't know what that was about nor was this guy introduced along with the rest of the band. He may have been doubling his parts with electric pads.. I don't know.

If you have the chance to see this show, go and see it. You won't be disappointed. I'm not a fan, I went with my girlfriend BUT... I'm glad I went. It was a nice break from the loud heavy duty stuff that I like. I'd definitly go again if I had the chance.

Set list

Monday Morning, The Chain, Dreams, I Know I'm Not Wrong, Gypsy, Go Insane, Rhiannon, Second Hand News, Tusk, Sara, Big Love, Landslide, Never Going Back Again, Storms, Say You Love Me, Gold Dust Woman, Oh Well, I'm So Afraid, Stand Back, Go Your Own Way, World Turning, Don't Stop, Silver Springs.

clip from the show ....
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