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Default Re: What would you pay??

I usually read the entire post before I answer (sometimes I do not) but I have to answer NOW...there is a place for us to donate to Drummerworld and although I have only done it once since I became a member this past August, I do INTEND to do it again because of what I know this site must cost. Bernhard is a wonder to foot the bill as he does and for what I get out of this site I feel it worth throwing in a donation from time to time, but I DO HOPE that it never becomes a pay site.

I am not saying I will not pay, but I am not positive I would either...when it is left to me to decide I am more willing to give and it is that freewill that I like about this site. If more of us (and I am certain there are MANY) gave of our own accord then it would continue on so that many others who do not give or cannot give still have the benefit of this marvelous resource! I certainly do not mind at all helping those who cannot nor will not give because this site is worth sharing.

My 2 cents

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