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Default Re: Slipknot concert

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
why was this resurrected?

Concert was like 3 months ago
great stuff
Coheed was terrible
no enthusiasm, really boring. People were chanting "slipknot" and the big haired dude was all loike "yeah they'll be on soon don't worry"

I can honestly say that was one of my favorite concerts, Slipknot juust just... perfect. I don't know if Drumnoob just saw a bad show or what, but this one ruled. The power and energy was amazing. And the so-called "4 members who don't contribute" is bull. Shawn writes alot of the lyrics, Craig & Sid do alot with the odd sounds and noises, and Chris does backing vocals along with Shawn.
I just HAD to ask why bonjangleman had never been to a show :P
And it was right after easter so I couldn't resist.

Glad you had fun seeing Slipknot, but they aren't my cup
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