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Pearl Jam is probably the reason that I play music today. I remember everything about hearing that band for the first time. Everybody always remembers Ten, and of course, so do I. But when I heard Abbruzzese playing with the band, I realized that a great band had gotten even more interesting. I love his playing. His cymbal work is impecable with the songs. I actually prefer Vs. and Vitalogy to Ten, even though I love Ten as well. When critics talk about PJ, they most often site Vitalogy as the master work of the band to date. All of the PJ drummers have been good. Of course, Matt C. is a monster player. Dave Krusen had the luxury of playing on the Ten album. Jack Irons got it done, and I thought his drum sounds really fit with what the band was doing at the time. And Matt Cameron? Well, Matt is a great rock drummer with time, feel, and writing prowess that we should all be so lucky to acheive in rock drumming. Oh, and he sings harmonies while doing it. But when all is said and done, Dave A. is my man with PJ. Watch the MTV Unplugged show. Incredible. A great story about Dave is that when he was tracking "Rearview Mirror" for the Vs. album, he was having some trouble with the coda. When he finally completed the track, he threw his drumsticks against the wall, punched his snare drum, and threw it outside. If you listen closely at the end of the song, you can hear Dave's sticks clank as they hit the wall and then the floor. I always thought that was cool. Even the best drummers have trouble sometimes. Great drummer! PS-I'll look for the article about the Rearview Mirror track.
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