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Default Re: Thrash/Heavy Metal Band names?

I don't know anything about heavy metal but I've always felt like it's cool to borrow song lyrics/album titles/something obscure from a band that you guys like. Maybe if there's a song with lyrics that really appeal to you guys you could condense the lyrics into a song name?
Really obscure references are a lot of fun too. They usually sound cool and when someone else (this rarely happens) recognizes it, they'll go crazy. Take for example Steely Dan, one of my favorite bands because of the crazy references they use: the band is actually named after a fictional Japanese er... sexual device from Naked Lunch. I never would have gotten that reference, but when I found out, I thought it was hilarious that the same music that has graced so many barbecues, weddings, and high school reunions is named after something like that. Of course the lyrics magnify this humor even more but... Sorry for the tangent, just throwing in my two cents. Good luck!
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