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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Ya I'll agree that my internet connection probably hinders my playing more than it helps. Mostly because i spend too much time on this damn forum lol. I've never had a drum teacher though just because i don't have the money, so i've had to rely on online lessons and youtube which is actually very helpful. I like that i can get different teachers' perspectives on lessons and why they use certain lessons over others. So I guess its a double edged sword.

P.S. D-Rod awesome drumming! And congrats on the sickdrummer cover. Do you have any good lessons or recommendations for time keeping? Excercises for speed/endurance seem pretty straightforward like you've been saying, and when i practice i see improvements. But now my time keeping is slacking. I play along to music and a metronome which helps, but jamming with friends is another story. When my guitar playing buddy messes up (which happens quite often lol hes learning) it often messes me up too. Is there a mental way around this? Or should i just get more musically inclined friends? heh. Thanks for taking the time to answer 9 pages worth of questions on this thread lol you're a better man than I.
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