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Default Re: I love this clip

Originally Posted by Bernhard View Post
In my opinion:

This is just a bad try to copy or remake the Paul Potts sensation two years ago - who brought everyone to tears.

Even the judges are the same - and the same surprise in their faces, when singing starts.

Very lame - the singing is really not very special - historical moments can't be reproduced - as ugly as someone might
The moment was marketed, yes, that is the idea. The clip is art in itself from that perspective, one part truth, one part manipulation. Everything from the viewing of the audience and Simon's facial expressions to the way the choice of song and now the way the story is told is controlled. How do we know any of it is true? Does it matter?

There are parts in this video that you just can't script lke when she innocently walks off the stage after singing and then gets called back and kind of climbs back to her spot with those large horse like steps not missing a breadth. The fact that she doesn't collapse when she gets this roaring ovation is also classic. she maintains her poise. It is her moment. she bring th audience in to it and takes them with her. .

I think that the singing is special in the sense that she is an unadulterated talent. It is just a unique natural voice. Very akin to the Alan Lomax idea where he went into the back woods of America and found these pure, uncultivated talents and brought them back for Folkways records. They are going to continue to market her that way, as a small town girl who took care of her aging mother, never had a date nor was ever kissed and was not ever given a chance, and people can really relate to that no matter what she looks like, esp in these days of political and economic curruption. In that sense, creative marketing can be very affective and be an art in itself.

The story is not unique. the same thing happened here in NY after 9/11 where there was a fireman, don't remember his name, and he wanted to be a singer. He sang at the 9/11 memorial and it launched his career. He really wan't anything special either.
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