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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
look more at the public that is actually spending the money. If they didn't speak with those dollars then maybe the industry wouldn't be what it is. I don't have the power to control everything the music industry does but I do control where my money is spent and I'm careful to support what I consider to be good artists.

Maybe it's kind of like the papparazzi that everyone loves to hate. They get portrayed as parasites feeding off of invading celebrity's privacy, but would they be doing that if millions of people weren't wasting their money on ridiculous tabloids?

Good comment. The issue really is "whats coming at the public ?" Is everything thats out there really within your reach?

And the "what" is controlled by powerful vested interests who are singularily interested in getting the biggest bang for their buck.

Ideally one would want to live in a system ( applies to any system actually-our schools, universities, science research, music, art, finance... etc etc ) that has a filtration mechanism that encourages the quality to rise to the top. And encourages the new, the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable..
Now thats a progressive,creative setting.

But when opportunism grabs at the possibilities and manipulates the system, squeezing out and killing everything thats not a sure bet, then everything gets messed up as we saw recently on Wall Street.

Sure there are exceptions to every theory and for every 20 Paris Hiltons there will be a Norah Jones.
Nevertheless, our avenues to discover 'new music' are also largely controlled by the same people who produced Paris Hilton in all likelihood. The digital medium circumvents that to some extent, but not entirely.

Your point about paparazzism is a good one too, but with an ethical twist to it. There is profit to be made by the exploitation of all basic human instincts.

Fear, Greed, Lust, Jealousy, Aspiration, Voyeurism, ...the list goes on.

To what extent is it a legitimate business proposition is the question here.

There will always be manipulators. Do we need better controllers to 'watch-dog' the manipulators or does that becomes censorship and a 1st amendment issue?....

...sorry, this post is twisting out of control so I'll stop.


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