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Originally Posted by Jalmar
I think it is quite descriptive, he has not specific signature style, no feeling in his playing and now that Nirvana exists no more, he nourishes himself on the former reputation as their drummer and when he started Foo Fighters, he decimated the whole image of himself because of the fact that the music they are bringing is tasteless and macabre.

And also, he tried a futile attempt to play for Queens of the Stonage and where did that lead him, nowhere.
Haha...You don't have a clue what you're talking about :)

He has never used Nirvana to help him forward in the music business. He made a brand new start with the Foo's, and a great start it was.

And his 'attempt' to play for the Queens wasn't futile, he did (and still does, i believe) play for them, on occasion.

Do some research next time.
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