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Default Re: I love this clip

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Me being navie, now there's a new criticism.

Do you know that many of the major television networks in the states are trying to get this woman on their shows? What does it mean to make it? Your idea of making it will be very different than the next guys idea of making it. Working as a musician for many is making it. Here in NY I go see top ranked talent in small dives with 50 people watching them. Have they made it? Charlie Parker was one fo 'those guys.' Too bad he never made it.

A wealth of creative potential is squandered because people cannot think out of the box, and then they claim as naive those that can.
I think you are being naiive. Just because one woman has been signed from coming on BGT who isn't the best looking, you think that somehow that signals a change in the entire music industry from being shallow and sex driven, to being proper talent making real music, regardless of looks? I don't think so.

I think you don't quite see where i'm coming from here, I would absolutely love it if the music industry was about proper people making proper music. I'm on the same side as you here. The difference is that i'm being a bit more realistic. All i'm saying is that the music industry is heavily comerciallised, I'm insulted quite frankly that you think value music for anything but creativity and originality and talent, I would love to see the current music industry stop being about sex and be about music for a change but the fact is that's it's gonna take a lot more to change the minds of the 95% of people who don't care about proper music. That's why i think you're being naiive.
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