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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I think that you miss the point, and that is there is more than appearance to market. Many years ago some pretty 20 something was on VH-1. she said, "People shouldn't complain that the music industry is youth oriented because 33% of the record buying public are under 25." Well, duh, what about the other 67%. Do you really think that a 65 yeard old woman buying a CD cares how pretty the singer is? There are whole segments of the population that are forgotten, and after all, isn't that what art is about? Communicating to people? In a world that is on the verge of financial ruin while celebrities and CEO's making millions and governments balance their budgets on the backs of working people, I think a message that we are not giving everybody a chance to participate is a lot more powerful than meets the eye.

Here's another pretty face. How do you market talent?
I think you've not listened to a single thing i said. I already explained that there are a lot of ugly people in music, usually more "real" music like metal and acoustic. The fact is though, that they're all men. The fact is, a woman doesn't stand a chance in the industry unless they're a demi-godess in terms of looks. The voice is pretty much irrelavent.
As for music that older people buy, well i think that a large proportion of it will probably be older music but of course older people will buy new music as well. However, that's irrelavent. You'd be surprised at how middle aged and older people can be just as shallow as teenagers and twenty-somethings. Maybe some older people would be more inclined to buy records from a less good looking singer. But think about it, they're not exactly not going to buy new music just because the singer is a piece. So why would the record companies alienate the younger and shallower people (who are not all young people by any means) just to sell to an older market. And think about it this way as well: how many record companies would want to say "we make music for OLD people!" Don't think so, somehow.

If you think that an ugly woman can make it as a performing musician, then i think you're being very naiive. It's like me or you being a solo drummer trying to make it, the general record-buying public just aren't interested. It would be great if everyone was more like the people on here, and appriciated music for the actual musical talent and creativity rather than what they look like and how much money their hotel chain owner daddy has but the fact is that 90% of the music buying public are NOT. As i've said talent is marketable, but sex is a hell of a lot morseo and that means more money for the record companies.
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