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Default Re: I love this clip

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post

Yeah okay so she got a contract, but that's just because people felt bad about prejudging her. It's like the fact that we give loads of money to charity on red nose day and world vision day or whatever but we would never do that normally. It doesn't change the fact africa owes us 4x more than we give them in charity or that most people seem to think we should just let them die. If this woman had tried to "make it" through the normal channels of music then she'd have been laughed off stage/out of the studio.

And aydee i agree with you. We were talking about this in english once about how in the news, the men don't have to be particularly good looking and can wear a suit whereas the women have to have loads of make up and wear some bright dress and be about 30 or whatever.

I think that you miss the point, and that is there is more than appearance to market. Many years ago some pretty 20 something was on VH-1. she said, "People shouldn't complain that the music industry is youth oriented because 33% of the record buying public are under 25." Well, duh, what about the other 67%. Do you really think that a 65 yeard old woman buying a CD cares how pretty the singer is? There are whole segments of the population that are forgotten, and after all, isn't that what art is about? Communicating to people? In a world that is on the verge of financial ruin while celebrities and CEO's making millions and governments balance their budgets on the backs of working people, I think a message that we are not giving everybody a chance to participate is a lot more powerful than meets the eye.

Here's another pretty face. How do you market talent?
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