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Default Re: I love this clip

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Yes, she has. I think it did quite well. But look at William Hung. There is a whole population of people who are not the prettitest, and who aren't hung up on shallow superficialities, so there is a huge market if it is marketed right. He did quite well and he didn't even have any talent.
Well yeah i grant you there are a few ugly famous people in bands, but they're mostly men. I was really on about women more. As i said, try to find an ugly FEMALE singer. There are certainly none that i can see in our "female rock voices" thread. Also most of the female singers we have are in their 20s and 30s, some are even still teenagers. you have a few people like madonna who is getting on a bit, but she certainly doesn't look it! Yes you could market a turd as a BMW and get 20 grand for it but the point is that sex makes the marketing man's job a hell of a lot easier.

To my understanding Susan Boyle has been offered a record contract, and I think that she will do quite well because she has touched on a very huge nerve. It's not only here appearance, it's her age. Look at the way Simon looks when she says she is 47. And it is also the fact that here is a woman with not only a pretty voice but a very unique voice that has just never been given a chance. Most of the people can identify with that, a lot more than any other marketing scheme that someone can come up with; it is real. Reality could be a powerful thing if people would give it a chance.
Yeah okay so she got a contract, but that's just because people felt bad about prejudging her. It's like the fact that we give loads of money to charity on red nose day and world vision day or whatever but we would never do that normally. It doesn't change the fact africa owes us 4x more than we give them in charity or that most people seem to think we should just let them die. If this woman had tried to "make it" through the normal channels of music then she'd have been laughed off stage/out of the studio.

And aydee i agree with you. We were talking about this in english once about how in the news, the men don't have to be particularly good looking and can wear a suit whereas the women have to have loads of make up and wear some bright dress and be about 30 or whatever.
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