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Default Re: I love this clip

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
I think Eddie, you touched upon an important and much much larger point about society in general.

There is such a powerful unwritten societal code about looking good, dressing well, being articulate and presentable. Being 'TV- friendly', 'Sound-bite friendly' at the expense of depth and quality and integrity is quite easily acceptable by us all.

We seem to glorify shallowness and instant gratification.

Has Paris Hilton cut a CD yet? I'll bet she'll sell a few hundred thousand copies more than ol mum in the clip with the same marketing team.

Who says life is unfair. Its unpardonable.

Yes, she has. I think it did quite well. But look at William Hung. There is a whole population of people who are not the prettitest, and who aren't hung up on shallow superficialities, so there is a huge market if it is marketed right. He did quite well and he didn't even have any talent.

To my understanding Susan Boyle has been offered a record contract, and I think that she will do quite well because she has touched on a very huge nerve. It's not only here appearance, it's her age. Look at the way Simon looks when she says she is 47. And it is also the fact that here is a woman with not only a pretty voice but a very unique voice that has just never been given a chance. Most of the people can identify with that, a lot more than any other marketing scheme that someone can come up with; it is real. Reality could be a powerful thing if people would give it a chance.
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