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Default Re: I love this clip

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
The sad thing is that people like this don't get famous just because they aren't the best looking, it really doesn't matter about your voice. It's all about the eye candy. Maybe the world would have been a better place if MTV had never existed.
I think Eddie, you touched upon an important and much much larger point about society in general.

There is such a powerful unwritten societal code about looking good, dressing well, being articulate and presentable. Being 'TV- friendly', 'Sound-bite friendly' at the expense of depth and quality and integrity is quite easily acceptable by us all.

We seem to glorify shallowness and instant gratification.

Has Paris Hilton cut a CD yet? I'll bet she'll sell a few hundred thousand copies more than ol mum in the clip with the same marketing team.

Who says life is unfair. Its unpardonable.

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