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Keith Moon was a technical genius and anyone who thinks he isn't doesn't understand drumming! He was good at fooling people into thinking he just hit the drums and hoped for the best. Keith was a great showman and almost like an actor, He did lie about a few things, He lied about his age and also lied about something very important...drum lessons. When he was younger he DID indeed have lessons. He also could play 6/8 time easily as can be heard in many early recordings that where unreleased and some on anthologies. Just when he was asked to play this for 'who are you' in the studio, he was having a bad day and couldn't get himself together, which was a shame.
He did indeed slow down and his playing did get worse due to his self destructive behavior.
But even when he was at his 'worst' (watch Killburn 77) he was still better than a lot of
drummers out there!. Keith is the reason I play the drums and I haven't Had lessons and thats the truth. everything I learned growing up I learned from watching and listening to him, then as I developed my own style I picked up things from other drummers.

Keith was a one and only and his style cant be compared to anyone else because he's so unique and so are all drummers! You cant say Bonham is better or Moon is better because they where so different!

But thats my 2 cents, Keith is a drumming legend and inspired many and I thank him so much for everything he's done for me in spirit. I miss him and Wish i could have a chance to chat with him and thank him for helping me find a style I'm comfortable in playing in.

thanks for reading!

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