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Default Re: Creativity Discouraged in Today's Popular Music?

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I think a lot of creativity is lost due to so much music just being machines these days.
So much of pop radio is not made with top session players, but with a mix of drum machines and sequencers. Creativity is limited to what new filter you can put on a synth line.
Agreed. But even more subtly, it's not just machines, it's the fact that one person with a machine can do everything now. One person can be a whole band. And you're a lot less likely to get something truly creative and inspired out of a single person. It's always a lot more interesting to have a group of people working together, inspiring each other, to come up with stuff that goes beyond what just one of them will do alone.

Another important factor, I think, is mass-production. I'll use an analogy to explain:
Back in the early days of television, there was just a handful of shows, and so only a handful of writers who wrote the scripts. So the writers that got the jobs were the best of the best, and you could argue that some of those shows were much better than a lot of what's on the tube today. But in this information- and product-hungry society we have today, there is a constant need for mass-produced product, so now there are literally thousands of people writing for tv, cable, film. Sure there will always be a few geniuses among that number, but the huge majority will be mediocre or worse and a huge amount of scripts are going to be uninspired or plain old crap.

The same principle applies to music, thanks to machines. Anyone with the barest talent or inspiration that can afford a computer can sample someone else's work to create "music". When you level the playing field completely, throw open the door for anyone to come in, you're going to find a few wonderful new gems, but the majority can only be crap.

And that's exactly what we have in modern music. There will always be a few great artists making music out there, and the rest will be crap. At least it's easier to find the gems these days, what with online downloads and internet radio. If you ask me what has killed the music industry, it's not just their greed: it's their focus on product instead of art.
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