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Default Re: Brian "brain" Mantia

Originally Posted by skinspanker View Post
I own Brains video Shreding Repis on the Nar Nar Rad. I don't think it was all that helpful but there was a portion on ostinato patterns that helped me quite a bit. There was some funny parts as well, like the part where he practicing up down strokes in front of a TV with a porn playing on it. I do think he does excellent work and Pimus is one of the most unique bands out there. But if you're looking for an informitive technical video this is not it I prefer Tomas Langs videos they're loaded with hours of very technical stuff.
Oh yea, for sure. Thomas Lang's videos are mezmorizing, it's pure technique. If that's what you're into then for sure there are other guys to watch than Brain. I love Brain's placement of the pocket, and his feel is so sweet, I think if Brain and Chad Smith were to sit down and play some basic funk beats and fills I'd prefer Brain's everytime hands down. Not to knock Smith, but Brain's pretty underrated especially considering all the production work he does as well as playing on lots of different projects .eg Tom Waits, Primus, Buckethead etc.

one of my fav brain vids:
Buckethead can dance! and he's got mean nunchuck skills lol
BTW: Anyone know what DW kit he's playing in that video? It's awesome and I love the cymbals
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