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Default Re: Brian "brain" Mantia

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
I met Brain will before he became a name. A really cool guy. Sadly, we've lost touched after I moved out of the Bay Area, and then he joined the big leagues with Primus.

You should find a copy of his 1st band "The Limbomanics." His grooves are awesome. He was mixing up funk/r&b/hiphop with rock long before most everyone else.

The guy was destined to be famous one day, but I admit I never thought it would be because he joined Guns and Roses. LOL.
Yea I didn't see that coming either, to most of us he already was 'famous' through his work with Primus which I loved. I've just been seeing his work with Praxis and Limbomaniacs now for the first time and it's really rejeuvenated my interest in funk type drumming, it should help a lot with the band that I'm currently in.

IMO Brain is a much more exploratory and innovative drummer than Tim Alexander. Tim is great too, but Brain seems to be much more versatile and outside-the-box, perhaps just simply because of the musicians he teams up with, who knows
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