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Default Re: Why do drums cost less than guitars?

Originally Posted by 805Drummer View Post
I'm just saying that a really nice guitar can be $100,000, when a really nice drum set is only about $20,000. Why is that? I mean, even with the electronics or wood, how is there such a huge price difference? And obviously, there are more expensive drum sets out there, and less expensive guitars, but I'm talking about in these cases.
I think you've got the wrong end of the stick here (as usual). A guitar that is not only a super nice vintage collectable such as a 58 les paul in perfect original condition and add to that it being played by a famous person such as Jimmy Page, then suddenly you've got a guitar worth $100,000. Very few guitars actually sell for that sort of money and it's not to do with their actual craftsmanship or what materials were used or it's use as a decive. It's about it's history. The reason you don't see drums go for that much is simply because drummers aren't as famous. If we stop talking about record breaking sales and concentrate on NORMAL instruments that people actually buy to play, you will find that drums tend to be quite a bit more expensive. I can pick up a brand new guitar for 50 that will be perfectly playable and good. Compare that to the drums which for a new starter set would be at least probably 3 times as much, and that's just with the bent pieces of brass they call "cymbals". If we talk about really high end stuff, before we start to go custom i would say that a professional rockstar would probably spend about 2-3 thousand on a nice guitar, compare that to the drums where you could probably spend that on just the shells alone, before buying the hardware (we're talking like 1-2 hundred for one cymbal stand here) and cymbals. If you play a big set, that's a hell of a lot more than even the best guitar rig that you could buy off a shelf.
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