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Default Re: Why do drums cost less than guitars?

I'm fairly sure that you're mistaking collectible pieces for new pieces. No brand new guitar is going to sell for more than 10k unless there is a feature of collectibility about it, eg- it may be a special run of 20 worldwide, custom numbered and signed by a particular artist or made from exotic materials. I guarantee those old, vintage collector guitars that sell for 50k + like ultra rare Martin acoustics, vintage les pauls etc didn't cost anywhere near that much when they were new. As big an artist as Buddy Rich was, there's probably more than 20 guitarists that, name-wise, are bigger. Look at the catalogs of the biggest guitar companies vs the catalogs of the biggest drum companies to get a real gauge of price vs price. I don't know about guitars, but i'm fairly sure that no BRAND NEW guitar is going to come close to the DW "Rush: Vapor trails commemorative drum kit with 24k gold hardware and sabian 2112 cymbal kit", but i may be mistaken. And that's a kit that you can order straight from DW.

Aside from the fantasy world, a custom hod rodded paul reed smith neck-through with all custom hardware and exotic cap is probably a few grand, about the same price as say a tama spartan warlord or Sonor Steve Smith 30th anniversary kit.
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