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Default Re: your wisdom woodshed

It's a Tama Rockstar DX.

22x18 (Aquarian SK I Batter/Remo Ebony Pinstripe Reso w/ 5in. Porthole)
12x10 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso)
13x11 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso)
16x16 (Aquarian Studio X Batter/Stock Reso)

13x7 Pork Pie Pig Lite Amber Acrylic Snare with full tube lugs (Evans HD Genera Dry/ Hazy 300)

14x6 Tama Steel Snare (Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Batter/Evans Genera Reso)

10x6 PDP 805 Black on black side snare (Stock/Stock)


6 in. Stagg Black Metal Medium Bell
10 in. Homemade China Splash
13 in. Sabian AA Fusion hats
14 in. Stagg DH China
16 in. Agazarian China
16 in. Sabian AAXplosion Crash
18 in. Sabian AA Rock Crash
18 in. Zildjian ZHT China
20 in. Sabian AA Medium-Thin Crash as crash/ride

DW 7000 Double Pedal.
Tama & PDP cymbal stands
Gibraltar drum throne

Here it is!

Muh kicks...

Something I made to hold my ipod. The stick holder I made too. Not at all a professional job though. You'll never believe what I made them out of...

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