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Default Re: Most Unique Cover Songs

Originally Posted by TheGroceryman View Post
YES!!!!!!!!! Someone who knows their genius!!! I've seen them twice at the village vanguard, saw 2 sets each time. They are soooooo gooodddddd!!!!!!! every single time i hear them live i am completely blown away. Their totally unorthodox style and the fact that they're SOOO tight just boggles my mind. My favorites are anthem for the earnest, their cover of chariots of fire (ohhh that bassline!!), everything from prog...well who am i kidding i really love all their stuff, except that new album, it doesn't do it for me with the singer.
Yeah, amazing band. Best concert I've ever seen. I talked to them after the show and it just blew me away how humble they were. I told Dave King that watching him just made me want to give up on drums :P. I actually like the album with Wendy Lewis though. It's definitely not as good as their instrumental stuff and I feel like she kind of steps on their toes at times, but it's still an interesting album.

Have you checked out Happy Apple? It's another trio with Dave King in it. Saxophone/Electric Bass/Drums. They're even crazier than the bad plus. I have to listen to most of their songs at least 3 times before I can understand what's going on.

Originally Posted by Aydee View Post
Haha, that was pretty neat. Classic song, I thought it was pretty funny on 'the Making of Aja' when they showed that rap song that sampled Black Cow.
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