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Originally Posted by sel498 View Post
Great idea...i hav thought about that, and probably eventually might, but TRS connectors scare me a bit..I mean i think the XLR has a more.......quality, balanced signal. I would love to just drill out for an recessed xlr mount plug in, i am just not up to drilling in the drum.. Thanks
TRS, also known as stereo quarter-inch, is XLR. Don't confuse TRS with a standard mono instrument plug. TRS was developed to carry XLR signals into mixing boards and other places where XLR plugs and sockets take up too much room. Look at wiring diagrams and you'll see TRS is the same as XLR in terms of signal and wiring and shielding; the only thing different is the plugs. You could do away with XLR plugs and just use TRS, but most mics still use XLR. The Tip, Ring and Sleeve of TRS each carry one of the three XLR pin signals.

You could do this mod if you had a soldering iron and you will have to order a 90-degree TRS plug to fit under the drum, but it is a pretty easy mod and it's cool just to be able to "plug in" your bass drum!
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