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Default Re: What to do with Sonor 3003s: Messin with setups

oops, forgot the 4 piece.

Name:  4 Pce 01 DW.JPG
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Name:  4 Pce 02 DW.JPG
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Name:  4 Pce 03 DW.JPG
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And as always, buy used if you can. I'm glad I did. Probably got more drums than I can use that way. When I first got back into playing about 3 years ago I almost spent $1000 at a GC on a 5 piece PDP set. Instead I found a 4 piece 3003 fusion shell pack with stands on ebay for $400, liked them and added more when they became available on ebay. In the end I probably spent between $1200-$1400 on just the drums but got 2 bass drums and Toms ranging from 8"10"12'14" and 16" out of it and the ability to have a set where my band practices and much more at home so no lugging drums for practice.
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