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Default What to do with Sonor 3003s: Messin with setups

OK. Time to post some pics of my lowly Sonor Force 3003s. I’ve been messing with setups lately. What’s the saying? Good artists borrow, great artists steal.
The first is kind of a Bruford ripoff with the hi hat in the center. The second is Gavin Harrison inspired, with 3 rack toms in a row. And the last one is what I take gigging. The good old 4 piece. Mostly because the less stuff I have to lug the easier it is to carry and quicker to setup. Yes, I’m lazy! I will say also though that the smaller kit does seem to inspire me to try different things creatively. I'm really liking it.

Sonor Force 3003 in Black Sparkle
16”x16” (not pictured)

Bass Drum
17.5” x 22”

Snare Drums
Artist Series 5”x13”
Force 3003 5.5”x14” (not pictured)

Signature 13” Heavy Hi Hats
2002 10” Rock Splash
2002 16” Medium Crash
2002 18” Full Crash
2002 14” Thin China
2002 18” Thin China
2002 22” Ride
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