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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Hi guys! I've been updating my site allot in the last days and just wanted to invite you to drop by and take a look.

Also, since this is the first online lesson available I am making a nice special package deal! For the next 2 days, buy my first lesson - The "3" in Jazz -
and get my latest cd "NY / Koeln Jazz Project" for freeeeeee!!!!!

Yes free:-) Only for 2 days though. So now is the time!

I send many thanks to the people who bought the lesson and look forward to hearing from you all. Also if there are any web experts out there I would love to hear your feedback on my site. I am making links for people to download the material, but will eventually make it automatic. Would love to have any advice about doing it if you guys have experience with that.

Many big hugs
Live to play!
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