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Default Gimmick Devices for Your Car

I have noticed that more and more people have come into the automotive repair shop where I work recently and they have asked me to install Gimmick devices on their cars that they have purchased on the internet. Most of these devices claim to increase fuel millage and performance. It is a fact that when economic conditions are poor these Gimmick products seem to crawl up from the sewers and people spend their limited resources on them. THESE DEVICES DO NOT WORK!!! Do not wast your money on them. If I developed a product that gave a care better milage and more horsepower, I would have no problem patenting it and selling it to the Automotive manufacturers! I would then be able to retire with the millions that they would pay me for my invention. I wouldn't have to flog it on the internet and on those sponsored TV shows on car enthusiasts channels. These products are only good for one thing. Making money for unscrupulous people. Do not fall victim to these marketing schemes! If these products worked the manufacturers would have them on their cars in a New York Minute!
Here is a link to a Dateline NBC show about a major scam!
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