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Default Re: Creativity Discouraged in Today's Popular Music?

Originally Posted by Anne Beeche View Post

Not a fair judgment. A lot of mass-produced hiphop/rap out there is like this, but not all of it is.

Sorry if I was not clear with what I'm trying to say. It's the mass-produced stuff I'm talking about. I don't hear anything other than the mass-produced variety on pop radio. I'm actually a fan of hip hop. The soulja boy (sp?) movement made me sick to my stomach. If I ever hear a crank dat [insert random noun here] song again, I will probably puke. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of stuff like the Roots, Cut Chemist, Jurassic Five, Gorillaz (props to them for getting radio play with a different sound), some Nas (props to him as well for getting radio play), and a lot of the RJD2 stuff.

And I just want to say again, I'm not complaining about trying to find music or that there is no good music. There is A LOT of great stuff going on right now. . . I just wish pop radio would pick up on some of it.
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