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Default Re: Creativity Discouraged in Today's Popular Music?

Yeah, I definitely hear what you're saying. I'm 19, so I guess when I look at the evolution of mainstream music I only see the greats since I wasn't around to see all of the dime a dozen pop artists. Even still, I feel like so few artists that have experienced major commercial success today are really unique. I can only think of a few artists from the 90's and 2000's that had a special/unique sound and also put a dent in the pop charts... Beck, The White Stripes, Radiohead, and I would say Nirvana but I don't think they were as original as people give them credit for.

I just feel like the 50's, 60's, 70's, and even 80's were so rich with new and creative sounds.

Maybe it's too much to ask for another Jimi Hendrix or Led Zeppelin...

And by the way, I would love to hear Steely Dan in an elevator rather than a muzakified version of the Girl From Ipanema or other beloved standards of mine :).
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