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Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
It's a rock and roll hall of fame. Kind of Blue and Milestones doesn't make that happen. And if anyone still believed such a contention, all they had to do was view the Miles award ceremony where nothing but 70s styled fusion was played with a dash of Marcus Miller thrown in, while Herbie Hancock was there not to reintroduce the 2nd classic quintet, but to show his Miles related fusion influences. No, Miles Davis got into the rock and roll hall of fame because some of those 70s bands were among the most creative and influential rock configurations of their time. I am also aware that most don't get how Louie Armstrong qualified either, when his widespread popularization of Western African syncopation is the primary reason why rock vocalists /and everyone else from the past 100 years/ sings the way they do. His umbrella was too large to ignore.
Well, if that was the case, then I am awaiting the induction of the Tony Williams Lifetime, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return To Forever, Weather Report, etc. Miles was a pioneer.

You're obviously not from the American South, where even so called infantile religious lyrics are as confrontational as they come. Southerners have seen widespread political upheavel time and time again, but messing with the religious end can get you in a whale of hurt. Uneven urban critics like Guterman most certainly don't understand things like that. Besides, as many people over the years, have been laughing at Jimmy Guterman's overreaching assesments as have admired them. He's not exactly a poster child for the last word, that's for sure. Moreover, I would doubt that his vote influences no one else, that is if he still even has one.
Matt, I was:

1. Born in Mobile, Alabama, in 1956;
2. Grew up in Pensacola, the belt buckle of the bible belt;
3. Went to segregated elementary schools and still remember separate restrooms and drinking fountains;
4. Lived in Pensacola during MLK's assassination;
5. Endured the violent race riots that followed;
6. Absolutely surrounded by Pentacostals who were indifferent to Aqualung. They were still to busy calling the Beatles evil and playing their records backwards to get satanic messages.

You are from the South, but you are also too young to remember when Aqualung came out. Take my word for it. It did not spark an outrage in the South.

Guterman is only one voice, but his voice absolutely reflects that of the others in his disdain for progressive rock. This was simply another vehicle for him to attack Tull. If it wasn't religion, it would be something else (he slammed Thick As a Brick as well).

Also, please note that I said GENERALLY in the previous post. I did not say universally. As in everything else, there are exceptions to the rule.
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