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Originally Posted by Pavlos View Post
Here's some specs on his kits.
I'd like to point out that his website is extremely dated, and has indeed not been updated a very long time; I doubt Jojo even remembers he has a website to be honest. Jojo no longer has two separate kits for different occasions; those kits eventually condensed into one all around set up that he uses for pretty much everything. In fact, most of the drum gear listed on the website was discontinued ages ago.

Anyway, most of the time he uses an S-Classix 14"x5" primary and a Sonor Artist 13"x5", or S-Classix 12"x5" aux, but sometimes he is provided with Delite snares in the same dimensions by the event organizer. I'm not entirely sure what he uses on his gigs with Nerve though, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he uses the Sonor Artist as a primary and a 14"x5" S-Classix tuned low as an aux.

If you want even more concrete, reliable information, shoot Raymond Bloom a PM.
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