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Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
Hi Steve, I enjoyed you're playing on the Maureen McGovern video. It looked like it was a TV fundaiser. I have two questions: First what snare did you use ? It sounded great ! Secondly: Are you in the US Army full time? Do they let you do civilian gigs on the side ? Thanks !

Hi Jeremy,

That video was from an appearance I did as a guest with Maureen McGovern on the 2004 Jerry Lewis Telethon. The band was full of LA studio musicians to include Rick Baptist on lead trumpet!! I sat in on the drum set that was provided which I believe was a Pork Pie Kit. The snare was tensioned fairly tight providing a crisp response~

Yes, I'm a member of the U.S. Army Blues Jazz Ensemble here in Washington DC. To check out the band, visit youtube and do a search. There are some pretty good footage from a Buddy Rich Tribute we gave.

Thanks for writing!

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