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Originally Posted by drummercraig
i must be mistaken about his guitar skills, sorry! but his drummnig isnt excellent, on drummerworld the only pieces on his profile are 2 songs, and in them 2 songs he makes the piece sound empty, using no fills, and thew main reason i find his drumming dissapointing is because, the main part of drumming is to add in technical routines, this he does not use in the piece.

where did you ever get that impression about drumming?

as different as they are stylistically, the dave grohl / ringo starr comparison that has already been made is a very fair one. both are dismissed for the same reason - too much musicality! too much awareness of the song! ridiculous.

dave grohl is a fantastic drummer who redefined what it meant to be a rock drummer in the mainstream by harkening back to the traditions of john bonham. you want a heavy, pounding drum rhythm? then hit the #%@ing drums - hard! no amount of compression or studio editing can take away the fact that he beat the heck out of those drums. but only when it made sense - as was also already mentioned, he has some of the most tasteful playing i've ever heard on the unplugged album.

as a guitarist and a vocalist - he is a phenomenal songwriter. he is a more than competent guitarist, even if he's not the greatest thing to happen to the instrument. and he's an amazing vocalist - his voice is perfect for the style, he sings every song with conviction, and the dude can SCREAM.

all of that may be overcompensating for the dismissal i've been seeing in this thread. but the fact is - the guy can play. give credit where credit is due. if you had the chance to play with him, you would.
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