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Originally Posted by drummercraig
i am with this man, he is a talented to be able to play all these instruments, but he plays them so poorly, his drumming is poor, in the songs he drums for, he uses no fills and nothing interesting, leaving the piece feeling empty. his guitaring is awful, i am in a band and 1 of my guitarists have been playing for about 1 year! not long, but he can play every single foo fighters song. so he has a gud voice but everything else he is crap at, happy arguing craig

This a great way to measure talents of rock musicians who make multi-platinum recordings each time they make a record. Your guitarist who has been playing guitar for a year can play 3- chord rock... Wow amazing. Listen up, Dave Grohl plays rock music. He isn't leading an orchestra. Last time I checked rock was about playing your instrument loud and having a good time. Also when does rock drumming have to be about fills? Most good rock drummers know when to lay back and keep the beat. Think Phil Rudd of ACDC. Rock for the most part isn't about improvisation. Another thing, what's wrong with Dave's voice? He sings in key doesn't he? Your arguments are not very convincing. You may not like Dave Grohl and that's fine. However, he is a very respected and talented musican with a lot of accomplishments. He didn't get where he is today because he isn't talented.
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