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Default Re: Thought for Food?

Originally Posted by TenPastTen View Post
Number One:

Grilled portobello mushroom topped with smoked buffalo mozzarella, prosciutto, bacon crumbles, julienned basil, and balsamic

Baby veal cutlets rolled with prosciutto and fontina cheese, breaded with seasoned bread crumbs, and pan fried. Served over porcini mushroom risotto and drizzled with espagnole sauce. (all from Il Palazzo in NYC)

For the record, that was recalled from memory; I fell in love with that meal one night...

Fudge brownies with absolutely no nuts.

And a pitcher of grape juice (according to Monica McCoy's post, it's all the rage in TX prisons).

Number Two:

Blackened red snapper with olive oil and garlic sauce. Spinach salad with almond slices and mandarin oranges with citrus vinagrette dressing. Sliced bananas and strawberries with dark chocolate. Chased with a nice port. That is one healthy meal for survival!!

That serious enough for you Aydee? ;-)
I freaking love it! I'm writhing on the floor in a pool of my own drool!!! ( and its raining bacon bits ...)
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