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Default Re: Thomas Pridgen

Funny story:

Many years ago I worked at GC, and we had the drum off. I went to the regional finals, and there was this 9 year old kid representing the Oakland store. He certainly smoked, and was certainly one of the better guys there. At the end of the night, this 9 year kid was named the winner by the judges.

I met the kid a few days later, and then I never heard about him again.

Cut to a few months ago, I get the new Modern Drummer with Thomas Pridgen on the cover. I read the interview, and think he seems interesting. I go online, watch a few videos, and wow, this guy is good. Maybe I should check out the album with The Mars Volta.

Cut to last night, I'm looking for something on the web, and I see a link for an interview with Thomas, and I click it. He starts talking about the drum off he won at 9, and it hits me, this guy IS THAT kid.

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