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Default Re: Jimmy "The Reverend" Sullivan

Originally Posted by the.rev View Post
the dude is awsome! iv seen them live they are gr8 the jimmy sings wickid aswell as play well live too

he plays most of the songs one handed live and is compltely awsome

the only critasizum i have of him is if he is playin most of his songs one handed he aint showin us what he has got hes showin wt i show off he is so in newer albums he needs 2 step up his drumming and show us what he has really got

but yh the dude rocks
I don't listen to these guys, they seem fine to me just not my bag, kinda remind me of the eighties- This guy's post, however, just brightened my day considerably. Hilarious. It's Teh awsum...or something.
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