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Jojo Mayer is one of the most important drummers of the past 20 years, and maybe the most technically proficient. He's an amazing performer, a natural educator, a role model---the whole nine yards.

But is it OK to just say enough already, without that seeming like a terrible thing? Has Jojo Mayer really become...yes, the Chuck Norris of drumming? Are all teachers now obsolete because of a single DVD, interpreted on this and other forums 1000 different ways? Does Jojo's getting up in the morning really mean that Vinnie C, Brian Blade, Ari H, Jack DeJohnette and Gadd have to go back to bed? Does the mere mention of the name Jojo Mayer singlehandedly accelerate the cause of world peace while making all the flowers in springtime seem just a little brighter?

Is this Jojo Mayer's intention? Well I don't know him, but I did get to interact with him briefly at NAMM, and he seemed like one of the nicest guys in the world, and as self effacing as they come. I just don't think this unquestioning hero loving madness is his MO. And I'm not so sure this stuff will work to his benefit in a future time, when people who really aren't paying that much attention, start looking for another flavor.

That would be a shame for this remarkable man, because a legacy such as his should be remembered for a long time.
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