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Default Re: Any regrets??

I regret once that when i was 14 I auditioned for some band but this bloke they hung out with boned me and i accepted a ride in his car, thinking back on it he could have done anything (forturnately he didn't). Now i know what it feels like to be a girl- living in constant fear of being sexually assaulted. The guy who played the guitar is now in a really sucessful band and they're playing at hammerfest which i think is next weekend in wales with some really good bands like opeth and bullet for my valentine headlining.

I'm also a bit annoyed that i was really forced to leave my last band with my mates because the guitar player in there doesn't really get on with me in terms of being a musician (alright friends with him tho). I really think it was probably my fault for A. Writing really crap songs and B. being just too over-bossy.
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