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Default Re: Any regrets??


I can look at numerous things I could have done a little differently that may have lead to a shot to something, but I tended to jump on shots that came my way. I didn't accomplish my career goals, but I can say I played in front of a label rep from nearly ever label in existence.

The only thing that comes close is around age 33, I had an offer to join a band and go on a European tour, but there wasn't much money involved, and I was getting married, so I didn't pursue it. If I had still been 20 something at the time, I would have jumped all over it, money or not. But by that time, I needed some stability. I still see the band around, and we're all friends, and some times it hits me their still on stage and I'm not, but then again, I have the wife, the house, the kid, the nice home studio, which I wouldn't necessarily have if I had taken the tour. So I guess it worked out alright.
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