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Hey Guys (and the only chick drummer) =D
Where better to introduce myself. Im 15, 6 foot tall and from cambridgeshire, UK.
Self taught as of maybe coming up on a year now, but really happy with my progress thus far, ive come a long way, and am jst getting to the point where i cant really work out much more alone, as i wanna progress onto advanced stuff, so im looking for a tutor.
My kits not worth mentioning and my steels are probably old enough to be made by Mr. Zildjian's ancestors, but its all tuned acceptably and my snare is sounding sexy at the moment.
Some visuals of myself....

Thats my fav, me when i was playing a band my dad knows, and so i made friends and they asked me to play one year when i was stayin with dad in spain where he lives. My older half sisters boyfriend took it and hes a proffesional fashion photographer, but he make it look pretty awesome...

Just me....

A girl playin my old kit last june... needless to say she was talented :S :P... Strongbow helped...

An funky photo of me, i look a bit pissed off though....

... my trusty backup olympic snare, who hasnt got one?! Found it the other day amongst my things, sounds not too shabby actually.

Nice to meet ya'll, only concern is how you all look so young and yet most of you seem to be in possesion of rather tasty kits... but i now have a job, so maybe one day...
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