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The fact of the matter is Metallica are has beens. They were making metal to a certain standard that had a large underground following for a while, they had their own metal subculture. I feel it was because of them they brought a lot of heavy music into what is now considered the mainstream. Their old stuff was great. I think with their subsequent fame their music suffered the same thing that a lot of music that has lot's of money backing it suffers from. Over production. With over production things tend to get simplified to the point where they loose their balls. I think his drumming was one of the most noticable thing that suffered because of his ability to only play in direction. Personally I don't care for his drumming when it comes to metal. I have heard many other metal drummers that could put him to shame with their left arm and one foot. But you have to give Lars credit for for his early efforts. He could play dynamically and played pretty fast, he play what the music called for.
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