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I can relate to this. The last band I was in is doing very well now. The band was called The John Reilly Band, now known as just Reilly. They finished there second album and have gotten radio and tv play and even shot a music video. I left after the first Cd because I was getting married and the commitment was more than I could give.

Do I regret it? Yes and No. It's easy for me to look at the positive side of it and wish I had stayed. The reality of that kind of life with all the traveling and financial uncertainties are not appealing to me. I always dreamed of playing music for a living. I was a music major to start in college and switched my major to IT. So at many points I have made choices based on stability.

But I have alot of great memories of all the places I have played, the album I did record with them. But it is tough every once and I while when I am at my job and I think of what I could be doing.
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