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Default Re: Any regrets??

During the late 80's to 90's, I usually jammed with bands that were more of a blues based, glamish type of band(GnR, Faster Pussycat ETC.)

During a time when I was band less, I got a call from a bass player that wanted me to auditon for the band he was in. The type of music they played were more along the lines of Queensryche, King's X, Marrillion ETC.

I didn't really think they would want me, but I auditoned anyway.

The audition went well, and I was in the band. Everyone in the band were great players, and as a result, my drumming improved exponentially .

After a while, one of the previous bands I played with wanted me back. I though, "Although this is a great gig, my heart is really ino the blues based stuff"

So I got back into the previous band....only to quit less than a year latter.

Looking back, I really wished I had stayed with the Queensrycheish type of band, because I would have been a much better player now, and would have open more doors for me.

But,,i can't change the pass so I should not dwell on it.
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