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Originally Posted by CavGator View Post
I think Miles got in because of his pioneering efforts in the 1950s, as well as his influence. It was elected in SPITE of Bitches Brew and his foray into jazz fusion..
It's a rock and roll hall of fame. Kind of Blue and Milestones doesn't make that happen. And if anyone still believed such a contention, all they had to do was view the Miles award ceremony where nothing but 70s styled fusion was played with a dash of Marcus Miller thrown in, while Herbie Hancock was there not to reintroduce the 2nd classic quintet, but to show his Miles related fusion influences. No, Miles Davis got into the rock and roll hall of fame because some of those 70s bands were among the most creative and influential rock configurations of their time. I am also aware that most don't get how Louie Armstrong qualified either, when his widespread popularization of Western African syncopation is the primary reason why rock vocalists /and everyone else from the past 100 years/ sings the way they do. His umbrella was too large to ignore.

Originally Posted by CavGator View Post
Actually, it was rather tame, compared to the hypercharged political lyrics of the day. Iconoclastic lyrics were rather passe. Indeed, if you read Jimmy Guterman's scathing 50 Worst Albums in Rock, he cites Aqualung as among the worst BECAUSE of what he perceived as infantile rants on religion, and Guterman is very, very much in the Bangs/Marsh/Christgau mold...
You're obviously not from the American South, where even so called infantile religious lyrics are as confrontational as they come. Southerners have seen widespread political upheavel time and time again, but messing with the religious end can get you in a whale of hurt. Uneven urban critics like Guterman most certainly don't understand things like that. Besides, as many people over the years, have been laughing at Jimmy Guterman's overreaching assesments as have admired them. He's not exactly a poster child for the last word, that's for sure. Moreover, I would doubt that his vote influences no one else, that is if he still even has one.

Originally Posted by CavGator View Post
When pigs fly...
If anything has been proven by this dialouge it is to prove that no one truly understands what those people are thinking. And yes, that works towards the detriment of Peart and company.

Originally Posted by CavGator View Post
There is a reason for that..
Re: Zappa...Yeah I know. I am aware of few jazz musicians who don't at least have the complete Lather sessions.

Originally Posted by CavGator View Post
As far as progressive rock is concerned, the giants of the genre have LONG passed the 25-year barrier for their debut album, and only Pink Floyd (not really considered progressive rock, with their blues-based, plodding rhythm) is in. None of the others get as much as a sniff. In their day, however, they were as big as the Stones, Zeppelin, the Who and Elton John, by largely the SAME audience, as evidence by their platinum sales and stadium sellouts. The audience was not a mindless teeny bopper crowd. This drove the Powers That Be crazy!

IMO, Rush is painted with the same brush: In their eyes, Rush is hyper-talented, self-indulgent, malice free, and worst of all, very successful. I think their chance of induction is somewhat enhanced by the relative newness of the band (compared to the earlier giants of the genre).

Who knows, if Peart simply was content to keep the beat, rather than be melodic and creative, they might have gotten in by now. But then again, they wouldn't be Rush, either, would they?

I have no doubt that Geddy, Alex and Neil are crying about being snubbed -- all the way to the bank. They are no passing fad. They earned their money doing what they believed was right.
Your assesments about the popularity of early prog rock seem to be dead on true, but I still don't observe the agendas some of the rest of you do. I would suspect in the next 2-3 years, there will be a kind of prog. rock induction scenario that will include ELP, Tull and Yes at the same ceremony. Another couple of years will follow, then you will see Rush.

And if pigs do fly, then hey, it's rock and roll.
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