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This Hall of Fame discussion is interesting, but in all due respect seems beyond any prescribed formula or conspiracy based agenda.

One poster has stated that having hits was a requirement, whereas I can't recall the Sex Pistols or Miles Davis ever getting close, past SP's #93 US Billboard showing with Pretty Vacant, and Miles's Kind of Blue taking 40 years to go platinum.

Bruford cites their hatred for jazz fusion, but Miles, who spent the lion's share of his career as a mainstream jazz musician, got in not for things like Birth of the Cool or ESP, but for ground breaking jazz fusion like Bitches Brew, Jack Johnson and On the Corner.

Bruford also cites the necessity for anger and rebellion, yet the deserving Jethro Tull is not in, and covered the rebellion angle pretty well. Remenber the lyrics Jesus saves but he better save himself? That was probably very serious stuff in 1971.

Besides, even if there has been bias /that will most likely soon be rectified/, isn't it going to make more sense for ELP to get in first, since they were sort of the beginnings of that genre, the innovators if you will?

Interesting sidebar: Zappa made the Down Beat Jazz Hall of Fame a full decade before the Rock HOF got around to it.

In my opinion, I don't see bias against Rush as much as I see a random and haphazard voting criterion, that blows around in the wind, with no special purpose one way or the other. I also understand that's no way to run a railroad.
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